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Moonlit Light has taken the confusion out of selecting outdoor lighting products. There is no need to sort through hundreds of outdoor lighting fixtures in order to find what you need to light your home and landscape. There is also no need to buy cheap lighting products that will only last for a few years when you can purchase lifetime warranty fixtures at a very affordable price. The goal of proper outdoor lighting is to see the effect of the light and not see the glare from the bulb. We have carefully selected a limited number of lighting products to properly do that job. As a distributor we work with a variety of manufacturers to provide high quality lighting at reasonable prices. We will sell our fixtures to the public at a retail price. Landscapers, contractors, and other Outdoor Lighing installers are invited to inquire about our great contractor pricing.

  • Quality,
    • Brass fixtures: lifetime warranty
    • Copper fixtures: lifetime warranty
    • Aluminum fixtures: 10 year warranty
    • Stainless transformer: lifetime warranty

  • Dispersal of Light
    • I personally use all of the producs that we sell and very much like the effect that the lights put out.
    • The path lights we offer put out a larger spread of light than any other light on the market.

  • Halogen, Xenon and Led, bi pin bulbs
  • Light fixtures that hide the source of the light.
  • Other lights available not yet listed here.
  • For a question on any light or if you are unsure what you need for a specific job feel free to call me direct.

  • I do design outdoor lighting systems of the highest quality. If you have any questions about your job or wish me to design the work for you feel free to give me a call and/or look at my personal work here:

Moonlit light
Path Lights

Spot Lights


Pricing will be added to this site soon
For retail pricing or contractor pricing:

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